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In Kraków, the city of art, there are festivals beginning or ending every day. Valuable undertakings get lost in the abundance of posters on noticeboards. To be a festival, i.e. a feast acting as a focal point of the artistic life of a large part of the city, an event must be of a size reaching a specific critical mass. Many festivals in Kraków reach beyond this mass, but there are still so many of them that we get lost in their maze. Theatrum Musicum is a simple systemic solution established in 2013 by the municipal cultural institution, Capella Cracoviensis which, at the same time, performs the function of a higher form of an organizational being fitted in the reality: the musical institutions of Kraków join forces and together create one of the biggest stages of classical music in Europe. The formula of Theatrum Musicum ensures artistic and financial independence to partners and facilitates convenient access of the public to all important artistic events, offered by Kraków to classical music enthusiasts during the summer. Cooperation is the leitmotif here: own undertakings of institutions and curators under a distinctive brand. Theatrum Musicum is an investment in the development of cultural tourism. Theatrum Musicum is also a thirst for art. Finally, it is a surging wave of the audience for concert halls that are being erected in Kraków. Theatrum Musicum – join us.